Visit to Fradley junction.

  This has been on the tree for about three weeks now, it is very unusual!

 Candle Snuff.

 The gills of Oyster fungus.
 Oyster fungus.
 There was lots of ducks in the Canal and in the pool.
A friendly Robin.
On Saturday I visited Fradley Junction, which isn’t far from Lichfield. There wasn’t anybody else there except the people on the Barges but there was lots of wildlife about. There was some Mallards in the Canal and a few friendly Robins about. As I walked around the pool there were a few Squirrels, Great tits and Long-tailed tits in the trees above. When I have visited in the past and sat in the hide patiently I’ve seen Kingfishers. There is also a new bird table at the other side of the pool which attracts a lot of birds. If you live near Fradley Junction I recommend you go and visit.

One thought on “Visit to Fradley junction.

  1. Came to your Blog on the recommendation of Brownhill's Bob, and will enjoy working my way through!

    Visited Fradley Junction on two occasions and here is a nice story attached to the Swan Inn at Fradley. The canal was linked to the Trent and Mersey in 1790 and both Companies built homes and cottages for the workers and two warehouses alongside the Inn, the maintenance yard is now a Visitor Centre. The Trent and Mersey Company were very keen not to loose any water to the Coventry Canal and surplus water was led off at an overflow weir and passed along a secret channel underneath the Swan Inn and behind the cottages. The excess water from this was stored in the new Fradley Reservior

    The first visit was in November of 2006 and it looked very bleak at the Reservoir…

    Saw a nice example of Candle Snuff near Middleton Hall…

    Best Wishes Peter


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