Another walk with my camera.

Last week I went on a walk with my camera around Lichfield and Fradley. Again I saw lots of fungi and wildlife but the highlight of that day was seeing a barn owl down a lane in Fradley. Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures but I have included some from three other people. I hope you enjoy looking at this post.

 Sticky Scalycap.
 Scarlet Elf Cup.
Coral Spot. 
This photo was taken by Andrew Duncalf.
  This photo was taken by Jessica Evans.
The photo was taken at the Hawk Conservation trust.

One thought on “Another walk with my camera.

  1. Only once come across a Barn Owl, near the Trig Point south of Priors Hardwick in 2005. We approached a derelict farm building, and as we entered the old doorway the Owl flew out to a tree some 30 yards away. A further 70 yards or so there was a stile so we stopped and got out the binoculars. It sat watching us while we had a cuppa, as soon as we moved on it returned to the building.

    Best wishes, Peter


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