Barton Marina.

Last week, I heard about a rare goose that had been spotted at Barton Marina. Today I eventually went there with my camera. The cape barren goose is not normally seen in this country and is native to Australia. Here is a link to the Burton Mail article – .
I hope you enjoy the pictures and I have also added a few other pictures of the more common birds which can be spotted there.

 The rare Australian cape barren goose. 

 A pair of mallards.
 Female mallard.

 A greylag goose.
 Feeding time!

 A view of one of the pools.
As you can see it was smaller than the canadian geese.

New wood mouse footage!

Last night, I set my trail camera up in my garden. I was expecting wood mice and by the time I had set the camera up, put some seeds down and waited for a few minutes the mice were arriving! Here is a video I got, however it is very short but I hope to get some more footage tonight, I hope you enjoy.


New badger footage!

After returning to the badger sett on Saturday, for the third time, I finally got the footage I wanted! Previous times when I visited I had the settings wrong on my trail camera so the videos didn’t come out very well or I just got pictures. I got this footage with my motion detect trail camera after placing a pile of nuts in front of it. I hope you enjoy the videos and  click here for more badger footage which is on my YouTube channel.