A return to Barton Marina.

Yesterday, It was quite a grey day. However, this didn’t stop me from going out and seeing what wildlife I could find! I decided to go to Barton Marina, after reports that the Cape Barren goose had gone, I was quite surprised when I saw it within a group of Canadian geese. Here are some photos and a video I took, I hope you enjoy.

 Some boats in the marina.
 A view over the pool.
 A cormorant looking out for some fish.
 A cormorant looking straight at me!
 Compared to the canadian geese the cape barren
goose looks like a female.

 There were hundreds of small toadlets like this one along the paths.

 The cape barren goose again.
A video of the cape barren goose.

Wildlife Jack and his Animal Adventures.

The other day, I heard about a 6 year old that can talk to real animals called Wildlife Jack. Wildlife Jack is a animated character that discovers he can talk to real life British animals. He has been created to teach young children (0-6) about real British animals. At the moment they are trying to make a 6 x 5 minute episode, however they need funding. You can donate to their website below. Naturalist, Chris Packham has already said he will be the narrator!
A growing number of children have little or no contact with British wildlife. This is bad news for wildlife because it means that future generations are less likely to care about the threats facing the environment and this is why things like this are very important.
To find out more or to donate click here and to visit their Facebook page you can click here.