Batting for East Staffordshire.

Last Saturday, I was invited on a census with the East Staffordshire Bat group. Altogether we counted about thirty bats which consisted of five Noctule, eight Pipistrelle and twenty Natterer’s bats. The group count bats in the same location twice a year and this was a very good turn out, as in the Spring they didn’t count any at all. In the UK there are 17 species of resident bats and it is important that surveys like this are done so there is an understanding of how well bats are doing and if they need any help. I also saw a lot of wildlife and here are some photographs I took of the bats and the group carrying out the survey.
Here is a link to the West Midlands bat groups –

 Bats being taken out one of the boxes.

 A Noctule bat having a good stretch!
 Some of the bat boxes.
 A Noctule bat.

 A Noctule having its wing measured.
 Dusters were put into the bottom of the boxes when people were
looking in.

 Another Noctule bat.
 Here’s a empty birds nest which was found in one of the bat box. A wasp nest was also 
found in one of the boxes.
 A Natterer’s bat.
 Weighing a Noctule bat.


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