Potty about fungi.

Here’s a blog post about something a bit different however, wildlife related. At the school which I attend one of my chosen options is Art. The first project was all about natural forms and nature. In the project I managed to include some of my best wildlife and nature photos especially of fungi along with drawings and much more. Over the past few weeks though I have made my final piece for the project which was made from clay. It didn’t necessarily have to be something useful but it had to connect with the recordings that I’d made and the artists which we looked at. Here is the final piece which I did, as you can see it is all to do with different mushrooms and fungi.


Local early signs of Spring.

As the sun was shining when I woke up this morning I decided to go for a walk with my camera and take some photos of some signs of Spring. Whilst on a short walk I heard woodpeckers drumming, I saw bumblebees pollinating snowdrops and daffodils just about to come into flower. The weather was still quite mild too and the sun was out for a change after a week of almost non-stop rain. Here are some of the photos  and a video I took. 

Here is a video of a Bombus Hypnorum (Tree Bee) pollinating some snowdrops.

National Nest Box Week.

As you probably know this week (14th – 21st February) is the BTO’s (British Trust for Ornithology) National Nest Box Week. They are asking everyone to put up a nest box in their local area to help increase the number of suitable nesting for birds. Even though you can put a nest box up at any time of the year this week is to encourage people to put one up whether it be at a local park whilst out with a wildlife group or in your back garden. Even if you already have lots of nest boxes up in your garden you could still go out and clean them out ready for the Spring.
The reason why you should take part and why they are holding this event is because natural nest sites for birds such as holes in trees or old buildings are disappearing fast. Taking part will give you the chance to contribute to bird conservation whilst giving you the pleasure of observing any breeding birds that you attract to your nest box.
Here is a link to the BTO’s website with some more information, a free NNBW information pack, a guide into how you can buy and make your own nest box, a guide into how you can put it up and where, and monitoring your nest box – http://www.bto.org/about-birds/nnbw

Staffordshire’s Badgers.

I recently came across a ePetition to stop the culling of badgers in the area where I live, which is the county of Staffordshire. The cull hasn’t started yet but the ePetition is to prohibit the culling of badgers on council owned-land and to invest in vaccination programs locally.
So far there are 245 signatures and the ePetition runs until the 11th of December this year. Here is a link to the Staffordshire County Council website where you can find the ePetiton – http://moderngov.staffordshire.gov.uk/mgEPetitionDisplay.aspx?Id=88

You can also find a petition against the culling of badgers in your area or create your own here – http://www.b-r-a-v-e.co.uk/operationbadger/