Twit Twoo madness!

Whilst out walking on Saturday in my home county of Staffordshire I spotted a tawny owl. This was the first time I’ve seen a tawny owl whilst out walking. When I go out walking I tend not to bring my heavy camera but instead I bring my Granddad’s smaller compact one. When I saw the tawny owl though there was no need for any heavy expensive camera as he sat on a tree about two metres away from me! At first I couldn’t believe my eyes and I didn’t think it was real until we walked to the other side of the tree that it sat on and it moved it’s head! The tree it sat on was quite low down and there were a lot of trees over head too, I think the reason he was so friendly and didn’t want to move was due to a group of crows above which were squawking at it. It was amazing to be so close to it and it was a real treat! Here’s a photo that I took.




On Friday night I decided to set my trail camera up in my Nan’s garden. A few weeks back she noticed a hole had been dug underneath her fence and we weren’t that sure what had done it so I decided to set my trail camera up in her garden to find out. When I collected my camera yesterday morning and looked at my footage I was surprised to see that I had recorded a rat! This was the first time that I had properly recorded rats on my trail camera. We think I may have recorded more then one but we’re not sure. Unfortunately I hadn’t set the settings on my trail camera right so I only have some screen shots. Here they are.

rat rat3 rat2 rat5 rat4

pigeonAnother visitor that I had before collecting my trail camera in the morning.

Publishing double whammy!

This morning I had the RSPB May-June BirdLife magazine delivered to my door. As soon as I opened it I turned straight to the letters page and saw that the letter that I sent in a few months ago about recording badgers last year had been given star letter and I also won a prize, which was an electronic thesaurus. Below is a photo of my feature in this BirdLife magazine.

Then, later on that day, when I checked my local newspaper, which is the Lichfield Mercury, I noticed that an article had been published about my plea to look after a local nature reserve. The nature reserve, know as Christian Fields, is very close to where I live in Lichfield and I regularly visit it as It’s a great haven for wildlife and a great place to walk my border terrier, Max. In the past few years a lot of money and effort has been put into making the area into a nature reserve and it’s now a lovely place. However recently I’ve noticed that people are starting to vandalize the area, litter, not pick up after their dog and a few other things too. I was very disappointed and saddened by this but I hope that I can make a difference and something is done to prevent this happening or going any further. You can read more about my plea and what I’ve had to say here on the Lichfield Mercury website –


Here’s the badgers that I film featuring in the RSPB’s BirdLife magazine.


Here’s the printed article in the Lichfield Mercury on page 23.

Striped triplets.

Over the past two weeks I’ve been setting my trail camera up almost every night and at lots of different locations as I’ve been off school. Last night, for the second time since I’ve been off school, I set my trail camera up at a local badgers sett. Last week when I recorded there I managed to record two different badgers at the most and there wasn’t that much activity except for a bit of tree climbing. However when I collected my camera this morning and looked at the footage I was delighted to see that I had recorded two different adult badgers and three different cubs! By the looks of it this was one of the first times that the cubs had left the sett as they were very wary and so were their parents. On the videos, I managed to record eating, exploring, some play fighting and much more. Here’s some of the footage that I got.