New Thursday quizzes!

I have thought of an idea to make my blog more interactive, get more visitors and fun for my blog visitors. It would also make sure that I’m regularly putting new things on as recently I haven’t kept my blog up to date due to school work and an injured wrist. The quiz will start on Thursday coming and I will publish it in the morning then visitors will have all day to answer. Then on Friday I’ll do a blog post with the correct answer on and a bit of information about the species or wildlife that I have quizzed about. Each week the question(s) will be different for example one week it might be a photo, video or some questions. There is no prize as it’s just a bit of fun. After having problems commenting with my old blog host this new host is much more easy to comment with but let me know if you have any problems or you can perhaps tweet me the answers at @GeorgiaLocock 

This weeks quiz will be published on the morning of Thursday the 10th of April and it will be a photo quiz about Spring flowers!



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