Publishing double whammy!

This morning I had the RSPB May-June BirdLife magazine delivered to my door. As soon as I opened it I turned straight to the letters page and saw that the letter that I sent in a few months ago about recording badgers last year had been given star letter and I also won a prize, which was an electronic thesaurus. Below is a photo of my feature in this BirdLife magazine.

Then, later on that day, when I checked my local newspaper, which is the Lichfield Mercury, I noticed that an article had been published about my plea to look after a local nature reserve. The nature reserve, know as Christian Fields, is very close to where I live in Lichfield and I regularly visit it as It’s a great haven for wildlife and a great place to walk my border terrier, Max. In the past few years a lot of money and effort has been put into making the area into a nature reserve and it’s now a lovely place. However recently I’ve noticed that people are starting to vandalize the area, litter, not pick up after their dog and a few other things too. I was very disappointed and saddened by this but I hope that I can make a difference and something is done to prevent this happening or going any further. You can read more about my plea and what I’ve had to say here on the Lichfield Mercury website –


Here’s the badgers that I film featuring in the RSPB’s BirdLife magazine.


Here’s the printed article in the Lichfield Mercury on page 23.


One thought on “Publishing double whammy!

  1. Hello Georgia!
    I came across your blog by reading the magazine called Bird Life. I can’t believe that you actually managed to get footage of badgers. I am also a kid blogger like you. My blog is called:

    Bye for now :).

    I was hoping that we could be friends.


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