Twit Twoo madness!

Whilst out walking on Saturday in my home county of Staffordshire I spotted a tawny owl. This was the first time I’ve seen a tawny owl whilst out walking. When I go out walking I tend not to bring my heavy camera but instead I bring my Granddad’s smaller compact one. When I saw the tawny owl though there was no need for any heavy expensive camera as he sat on a tree about two metres away from me! At first I couldn’t believe my eyes and I didn’t think it was real until we walked to the other side of the tree that it sat on and it moved it’s head! The tree it sat on was quite low down and there were a lot of trees over head too, I think the reason he was so friendly and didn’t want to move was due to a group of crows above which were squawking at it. It was amazing to be so close to it and it was a real treat! Here’s a photo that I took.



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