Foxes at The Friary.

Last night I set my trail camera up at a quite unusual place in the hope of filming some foxes. This unusual place was in fact my school field. After school yesterday, I went down to an untouched area of the school field to set my camera up. Then this morning before school started I collected my trail camera. I wasn’t able to look at my footage all day but there were a few clues when I collected my camera, such as all the dog food which I had left had all gone. Throughout the day my form tutor looked after my trail camera and found the time to have a look at what I had recorded herself. It wasn’t until I got home that I discovered that I had recorded some foxes for the first time. The excitement didn’t stop there though, as I had filmed three fox cubs which was fantastic!

Here is some of my best footage.


Extracurricular : Bird rescuing.

Today, as normal, I walked out from school but today I noticed a small bird had been blown into theĀ road with cars all around. I attempted to run out and get the small bird with the help of another student. Once it had been taken out from the road it was left underneath a tree. I didn’t want to leave the bird because it was only young, there are a lot of corvids in the area, it couldn’t fly and there was no sight of a parent, nest or anywhere that the nest could of been. After about an hour of me and my friend waiting and watching I rung a local wildlife rescue who told me to take it to them. We managed to get it into a box without stressing it out anymore and it to the rescue. The lady at the rescue said he/she should be fine which was great to hear!

Here are some photos of the young goldfinch.

gold mewithbirdEDIT

New students.

Last week, at school, I was approached by one of the science teachers who told me that they’d put up a trail camera in the schools Eco area. They decided to do this as they’d noticed over the past few weeks there were quite a few dead things about, one of which was a mole. Today I asked one of the science teachers if I could have a look at the footage they had captured from the two nights they’d set it up. When I saw the footage I was delighted to see that they’d recorded some fox cubs! Here is some of the footage which the science technician had recorded on her trail camera.

Spiky visitor.

Over the past few weeks I have had the chance to have my trail camera set up in my garden most nights. At first I had a hedgehog visiting every few days but over the past week he has been coming every night. Unfortunately though he hasn’t been around to the last two nights but hopefully he will visit again some time in the next week. I’ve been able to get some footage of the hedgehog on my trail camera, at the moment there is only one visiting but in the past I’ve had up to three.

I attract hedgehogs to my garden with dog food and meal worms which seem to be there favorite. I’m looking forward to filming he or she again over the next few weeks again, here’s some of my most recent best footage.