Teenage striped triplets.

As most probably know over the past year and a half I have been following the life of some badgers at a nearby badgers sett. Even though I don’t always post the footage that I’ve recorded I visit the area most weekends. The last time I shared footage of the badgers was around three months ago when the cubs were coming out of the sett for one of the first time. Over the weekend I set my trail camera up to film the badgers and I have captured the three cubs but they have grown a lot since the last time I posted footage of them but they’re still lovely and it was great to film them again!

It now feels as though I have more of an idea about who is who in this sett and everything going on after observing them over a long period of time and watching the cubs grow up over the past few months.

Here’s a video of the cubs from three months ago.

Here is some of the footage that I got on Saturday night.


The Eridge Fox Family.

Last week, from Wednesday to Saturday, I spent four days at my Uncles who live in Eridge, near Tunbridge Wells. As you can see from my last blog post his garden was amazing and I managed to see plenty wildlife within it. On bit of kit I brought with me was my trail camera to see what I could record in the garden at night. To my surprise on the first night a vixen fox came along with her two cubs then they visited the night after and the night after that too! I was extremely pleased by this and each night I managed to record over an hours worth of footage! Here’s some of my footage from all three nights.

Night One.

Night Two.

Night Three

I wasn’t the only one excited to see what I had recorded on my trail camera in the mornings, my Uncle was looking forward to see what had been captured in his garden over night too.


Four day flora and fauna.

Last Wednesday I went to visit my Uncle who lives in Eridge, near Tunbridge Wells for four days with my Brother, another Uncle and my Nan. Where he lives it is surrounded by nothing but the lovely countryside. He has a massive garden which includes a orchard and a large pond. I’ve heard many stories from family members about how brilliant the wildlife is in his garden and that you can see anything from grass snakes and slow worms to foxes and badgers.

Day One.

When I got there, before unpacking, I went for a look around the garden. To my surprise the first thing I saw was a common lizard which was incredible! After having some lunch I went exploring round the garden again, but this time with my camera. The weather was extremely hot and I decided to have a sit down when a grasshopper jumped onto my wellie, the wildlife was everywhere! I managed to get a photo and I took some photos of the garden too. One of the reasons why we were having a long stay at my Uncles was so my brother and my other Uncle could start clearing out the pond as over the last many years it has become extremely overgrown. Before the pond became overgrown it was a common sight to see grass snakes, newts, moorhens and much more. Here are some of the photos I took on the first day.

444rbbThe very overgrown pond.

16b byy After the first day this what what the pond looked like.rrb b722 bb grasshopper sbb pb bbrb bb66  One of the first stages of clearing the pond.88sb

Day Two.

The next morning I was up nice and early to check my trail camera (a blog post about the footage I managed to get is coming next!) and to spend another day exploring the vast habitats in the garden. Most of the day I helped with clearing the pond but I did go around with my camera. I even managed to see a slow worm but unfortunately I didn’t photograph it! Here are a few photos from day two.

1 2 4

IMG_20140726_102936563Here’s an old reed warbler nest we found when clearing the pond.

Day Three.

Once again I was up nice and early to check my trail camera and get started with another lovely day in the garden. Today I went on the hunt for a slow worm again so I could photograph one and luckily I did find the same one again and it was in the same spot. Here are some photos that I took from day three which include my photo of a slow worm!

l My brother on a swing we made going over the pond.b c
f g h k de a1This is my brother, Sam, helping me photograph some dragonflies. I sat in the boat and as one landed he would slowly push me out to photograph it.

j z slowworm

 Day Four.

Today was the last day of our four day break and once again I was up early to check my trail camera. After having my breakfast I went for one last look around the garden before going home. I even spotted the same slow worm at the same place I’d spotted him at the few days before. Here are some photos I took before setting off home.

3 2 1 4sw


On all three nights I managed to record some footage on my trail camera too which my next blog post will be all about!

Derbyshire effects and edits.

Last Saturday I went on a day trip around different towns and villages in Derbyshire. As always I brought my camera to photograph all the wonderful scenery and landscapes. However from the photos I took last Saturday I have edited and added effects to them in a different way.

Here are some of the photos that I took.

pudshop imgp5644 imgp5626 imgp5786 imgp5740 imgp5756 imgp5719 imgp5765