Teenage striped triplets.

As most probably know over the past year and a half I have been following the life of some badgers at a nearby badgers sett. Even though I don’t always post the footage that I’ve recorded I visit the area most weekends. The last time I shared footage of the badgers was around three months ago when the cubs were coming out of the sett for one of the first time. Over the weekend I set my trail camera up to film the badgers and I have captured the three cubs but they have grown a lot since the last time I posted footage of them but they’re still lovely and it was great to film them again!

It now feels as though I have more of an idea about who is who in this sett and everything going on after observing them over a long period of time and watching the cubs grow up over the past few months.

Here’s a video of the cubs from three months ago.

Here is some of the footage that I got on Saturday night.


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