Otter glory!

For over a week now I have setting my trail camera up at a spot on a nearby river in the hope of filming an otter. The area which I set my camera up is near the National Memorial Arboretum. There has been sightings and evidence of otters here in the past but no photos or videos. This made it a real delight to see that I had filmed an otter on my trail camera! This is the first time that I’ve ever filmed an otter and I was extremely excited about it! Here’s the footage that I got:

When I looked through my footage I also found these clips of a moorhen and some Canadian geese.


4 thoughts on “Otter glory!

  1. Georgia – I too am a volunteer at the NMA ( for the last 6 years ). I am hugely impressed by your efforts and will make sure that friends see your blog. It will also be great to be able to let our visitors know we really do have otters on the river. Best wishes, Peter Osorio.


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