Worry for the badger family.

For over the past year I have been setting my trail camera up at a nearby badgers sett and filming the badgers which live in that sett. In the past I’ve managed to film all sorts of different behavior such as playing, fighting, eating, sleeping and some quite amusing rolling about. I’ve also managed to capture different badgers that live in the sett and some cubs which I’ve been extremely pleased about!

Yesterday evening when I went to set my camera up I noticed something very worrying. Around the sett trees had been chopped down to the ground and right back. Before the badgers sett was very well hidden and now it’s very open and visible. A long with this some of the badger sett holes which went around the footpath have been filled in! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw what had happened and immediately thought this can’t be right! Therefore I did some research and came to the conclusion it would be best to get in touch with my local Wildlife Crime Officer. After many attempts and being put on hold, for what seemed like forever, I eventually got the message across to one. I haven’t heard anything back yet but I’ve also contacted some local badger groups too and received some replies which are positive.

After seeing all this devastation I decided to set my camera up anyway and compared to most times I only managed to film, I think, two different badgers which I think were both cubs from this year even though I left lots and lots of food out. Most of the food was still there in the morning. Here’s a few videos that I managed to get. What’s also confusing is I’m used to collecting my camera and having about an hours worth of footage but this time I only got about 15 minutes worth.



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