Vote for Bob!

Vote for Bob is a campaign run by the RSPB. It’s all about a red squirrel called Bob who is eager to give nature a vote. It is very important to stand up for nature and give it a vote for many reasons, one example is that we need to protect and preserve it for the future and for future generations to enjoy.

At the moment the natural world around us is disappearing. Some figures from the Vote for Bob website include:

  • Since 1977 house sparrow populations have declined by 64%.
  • 60% of plants and animals surveyed in the UK are declining.
  • Hedgehog numbers have halved in the past 25 years.
  • 97% of our flower-rich meadows have vanished. Our bumblebees, butterflies and other vital insects are disappearing with them.
  • Scientists predict by 2020 there will be fewer then 1000 pairs of turtle doves.

Even though I’ve only been alive for 15 years I have started to see and notice that certain species are declining. For example over the past few years I’ve seen less and less kestrels, there aren’t as many hedgehogs visiting my garden like in past years, I used to have lots of sparrows visiting my garden and now I only get a few and the number of bees and wasps I see have declined too.

The Vote for Bob campaign includes asking every party leader what they intend to do to look after our wildlife, countryside and wild places. His aim is to make sure that nature is back on our politicians’ agendas.  After visiting the website and ‘Voting for Bob’ I also sent my local MP an email directly and asked him to make a commitment to raise nature up the political agenda. After sending the email I didn’t really expect a reply back but I was very pleased when I got home from school yesterday and discovered that he had written me a response about what he had done. Here’s a photo of it.


I am very pleased about my reply and that my local MP, Michael Fabricant, has taken the the matter seriously and done something too.

If you’d like to get involved and make a difference you can visit the Vote for Bob website here – where you can ‘Vote for Bob’, send an email to your local MP, get a free campaign pack and much more!



Thieving rat!

Over the weekend I set my trail camera up along the river near the National Memorial Arboretum. A few weeks back I captured an otter along the river here which I was very pleased about. As I’m still determined to film the otter again I set my camera up with three salmon fish heads as bait. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to film the otter but when my camera was collected all the fish heads had gone which was quite confusing. However when I looked at my footage I discovered that I had filmed a thieving rat! The rat took one of the fish heads, which was nearly as big as him, and dragged it away. Even though it was no otter I was very pleased with this footage and here it is.


New sett of activity.

On Friday night I set my trail camera up at a new location where there is a lot of badger activity and isn’t far from a badgers sett. The location isn’t far from the other badgers sett which I normally film at.
When I collected my trail camera this morning I discovered that I had filmed about 40 minutes worth of two different badgers. The activity includes eating, some sneezing and scenting. I was very pleased with my footage and I can’t wait to set my camera up there again! Here’s some of my favorite footage.

The wild side of school.

Over the past few months I have been setting my trail camera up at two different schools. One is the school that I go to and the other is a school for autism. At my school we have a large field and a bit of a wild area but at the other school they are very lucky and have a fantastic woodland! Before I broke up for the six weeks I had been filming foxes on my school field and at the school for autism I’d also been filming foxes but we are now hoping to capture some badgers.

Within in the last week I’ve had cameras up at both schools. At my school I didn’t film any foxes but I did film a lovely hedgehog. At the other school I did film a fox and you can see both lots of footage below.