A badgerful end!

This is the last blog post of my summer holidays as I go back to school tomorrow. I’ve had a great summer break as I managed to meet lots of new people, experience and see different animals and film them. I’ve also had a few exciting things going on which I will reveal later on! The favorite parts of my school break have got to be filming an otter, going to the Bird Fair and something that I can’t reveal just yet!

Last night I set my trail camera up at the badgers sett that I like to film for the last time this school break. A few weeks back there had been trouble at the sett but I’m pleased to say that’s all sorted now and the badgers don’t seem to have been disturbed too much which is pleasing. I sat near to the sett for almost two hours. I didn’t see a badger but I did hear lots of sniffling about!

I was also delighted last week when my Auntie gave me a badgers skull which she had found in some local woods. The young male badger hasn’t got many teeth left and the skull is quite damaged but still extremely interesting.

Here’s some of my favorite footage from last night and a photo of my new badgers skull.

Here’s a before and after photo of the badger skull when I cleaned it up.

IMG-20140826-WA0001 IMG_20140902_154921


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