Autumn Badgers

Last night I set my trail camera up at one of my local badger setts. In the past I’ve filmed all sorts of behavior at this particular sett and I regularly set my camera up there. No matter how many times I set my camera up there I am always extremely excited to collect my camera the next morning to see what I have managed to film.

As I’ve been filming at this sett for over a year now it is interesting to compare the footage I was getting this time last year to this year. From previous experiences, I find that at this time of the year the badgers are active closer to the sett as they are preparing for the winter. They are also much more interested in the food I leave out.

Almost to the day last year I filmed some of my favorite badger footage. Last nights wasn’t as interesting but I’m hoping to perhaps get some more, like last years, in the next few weeks. Here’s a few clips from last year.

Now here’s some of the clips I got last night.



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