Camera shy fox.

A few weeks back I was contacted by a lady who is part of a trust which preserves and protects an area of land not far from where I live. She explained how there was defiantly foxes on the green and maybe even other species like badger. Therefore I suggested I set one of my cameras up to see what was about.

The area which I set my camera up at isn’t far from where I live and one of my local patches. I’ve visited this land for as long as I can remember and it really is a great attraction for wildlife, and dog walkers. Last week was the first time we set the camera up and unfortunately we didn’t film anything but we didn’t quit that easy. I set my camera up again last night and to our delight we managed to film a fox.

I noticed that the fox was quite camera shy. I’ve never noticed this before with other animals that I’ve filmed.

Here’s some of the footage we managed to get.


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