More local fox footage.

A few weeks back I set my trail camera up on an area of land which isn’t far from where I live for the first time. Unfortunately we didn’t get anything but when we set it up last week we managed to get some footage of a fox. We were thrilled by this so decided to set the camera up again this weekend.

When I collected my camera I noticed that all the food had gone which is always a good sign! Then when I got home I discovered that I had almost 30 minutes worth of fox footage and I’d filmed two different foxes. Back in the summer I filmed a fox family whilst on holiday and some cubs on my school field but this time I have filmed two adults. They seem to be in great condition and their bushy tails are beautiful! Here’s some of the footage.


4 thoughts on “More local fox footage.

  1. Brilliant Georgia! It’s amazing to see these lovely animals isn’t it? We’ve had a fox peering in through our patio doors recently. It also looked in beautiful condition with a lovely white tip to it’s tail. We haven’t put food out for it yet as we’re not sure what to feed it. What do you feed your wild foxes?


    1. Hi Gillian. It’s so lovely when I manage to film foxes with my trail cameras as they’re fantastic creatures. How lucky are you to have them in your garden?! When I leave food out, I’ll leave anything from dried dog food to cut up bits of chicken. But they’ll eat almost anything that is meaty and smells, so it attracts them but peanuts and raisins are popular too. Make sure you cut up whatever you leave out into small pieces though as you’ll have more time to watch them.


      1. Foxes can’t resist aniseed – as with most of the canine family. Aniseed flavouring can be hard to find and I always crush up star anise which is equally as good. Excellent stuff Georgia!


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