Hedgehog rescue.

On my way to school on Monday I noticed a hedgehog that was curled up on a grass verge. I immediately thought it was dead as it had been a cold night and the grass around it was very frosty. But on my way home from school I noticed that it had moved a few feet so I tapped it with my foot and It moved a little. Due to this I ran home and got an old shoe box then went to get the hedgehog. As soon as I got it home I wrapped it up, gave it a hot water bottle and gave it some meal worms and water. I then rang up the local hedgehog rescue to ask what was the best thing to do now. Unfortunately there wasn’t much hope for the little hog as it had been out in the cold and as it was out in the open it was most likely dehydrated.

On the Monday evening it did quiet well and it started to fidget a little bit but when I got home on Tuesday it wasn’t moving as much and it still hadn’t eaten. Therefore when I got back from school on Wednesday I rung up my local hedgehog rescue to pass the hedgehog onto one of the volunteers. But unfortunately the hedgehog had died. This was sad but at least it had died in comfort.

If you see a hedgehog at this time of the year, especially if it’s out in the day you should contact your local hedgehog rescue as it is too cold for them to be out and they should be in hibernation. My local rescue, West Midlands Hedgehog rescue,  do an amazing job and you can read more about them here – http://www.wmhr.org.uk/

Here’s a photo of the hedgehog when I first rescued it.



More local fox footage.

A few weeks back I set my trail camera up on an area of land which isn’t far from where I live for the first time. Unfortunately we didn’t get anything but when we set it up last week we managed to get some footage of a fox. We were thrilled by this so decided to set the camera up again this weekend.

When I collected my camera I noticed that all the food had gone which is always a good sign! Then when I got home I discovered that I had almost 30 minutes worth of fox footage and I’d filmed two different foxes. Back in the summer I filmed a fox family whilst on holiday and some cubs on my school field but this time I have filmed two adults. They seem to be in great condition and their bushy tails are beautiful! Here’s some of the footage.

City gathering.

For the last few years, during the winter months, I have observed and watched a pied wagtail roost in my city centre. This year though I decided that I wanted to film them as they’re so fascinating and lovely to watch. So I headed down to Lichfield city centre at about 3:00. First of all I got a few shots around the shopping precinct then I got ready for the pied wagtails to start turning up.

At 3:56 the first few arrived and were calling from the shop roof tops. This continued for the next 20 minutes until there were big flocks sitting on the roof tops. This was great to watch and the sound was amazing but it got better, as suddenly all the birds fled and were nowhere to be seen then a sparrowhawk flew above my head. Unfortunately I was too slow to film it. It was great how everyone was getting on with their shopping and just above them one of natures dramas was unfolding.

Once everything had calmed down the birds returned and started collecting in one of the trees. This was at about 4.30 when it was almost dark. The noise got louder and louder and more birds started turning up. As I looked closely at what every bird was doing it was very interesting. Some were preening, some were fighting for a place and others were just arriving. As the noise got louder more people started to notice and look up.

By about 5:00 everything had calmed down. Here’s the video I got.