Team Nature Squad

Late last year along with some others I formed a group called ‘A Planet Fit for Nature’. Our team consists of conservationists, writers, bloggers and photographers but overall we are all nature loving individuals.

Over the last 40 years Earth has lost half of its wildlife and we believe not enough is done to make people aware of this and the worries of this terrifying drop, but mainly the fact that not enough is done in schools. I can relate to this as throughout my school life the most I’ve ever learnt about the natural world has been a lesson about the basic elements of the food chain and I agree that it is necessary that more needs to be done. Even though I was taught about the food chain, I was never taught about the importance of the food chain and how without it there would be no life on earth. Which is the way we’re heading by eliminating different species from our natural world.

We believe that if schools educate children in a stand alone lesson on the curriculum about these issues and teach them about all that resides in the Natural Kingdom then our wildlife may stand a chance. Plant a seed now and it will grow. Here is a petition which has been set up to get the natural world and conversation on the National Curriculum –

The purpose of the group is to raise awareness of the on goings in the Natural World, to unite people to speak out against matters like animal cruelty, poaching and hunting. Along with this, as I said, we want to educate where we can as prevention is key!

To get involved you can join us on Facebook by clicking here or on Twitter by clicking here.

In the last week we have also launched a competition with some fantastic prizes. The competition is open to families and you can find out more about it on our Facebook page and on the poster below.

10999365_10152577871397653_3765950212428391351_o (1)


One thought on “Team Nature Squad

  1. Is there anything for people who aren’t on Facebook / Twitter to do? I don’t have social media but would like to get involved…


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