URGENT: Act now!

Whilst looking through my Twitter feed just now I saw a few news articles and tweets from organisations such as The League Against Cruel Sports and Save Me saying the vote for MPs to repeal the Hunting Act could be as early as next week.

It looks to me it’s going to be a seven day campaign between those who want to repeal and those who don’t as here’s a few tweets I read from the pro-hunting lobby too.

Obviously this is no surprise so please do what you can. Do you want huntsmen to have the right to chase an innocent animal to exhaustion then with a pack of hounds tear apart whilst it’s still alive in the most barbaric way possible?

There’s the argument that it’s ‘wildlife management’ and ‘pest control’ but what about that story that came out a few weeks back about 16 cubs that were kidnapped and kept in a barn for the use of hunting. You can learn more about this here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7PjfphDsc0&feature=youtu.be

Please write to your local MP even if you have done in the past. It could make all the difference and can only take a couple of minutes. I wrote this template letter a few weeks back if that’s any help – https://georgiaswildlifewatch.wordpress.com/2015/05/24/urging-your-mp-to-stop-the-slaughter-of-wildlife/



3 thoughts on “URGENT: Act now!

  1. I’ve just written to my MP. Thank you for letting me know about this and for the basic template. I’ll add a message on my own blog to spread the word. 🙂


  2. Great post! How could someone live with themselves after killing a Fox? I wish I had time to write a letter to my MP now, I’ll do so whenever I have time. Thanks for posting this, on behalf of all Foxes!


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