Follow up – Green revision

It seems so long since I did my last set of exams that I can’t even remember what it was like when I was revising. Even though I may not have thought it at the time, there is another side!

Some of you may remember that I wrote a blog about how I was getting through the stress of my exams and revision. I found all the advice that I was given from the school and others very stressful so I took a step back and did what I enjoy more then anything, just chilling out by going out on my local patch. Even though I always find this extremely beneficial I didn’t think I’d find it as helpful as I did when doing my exams. It was something that I thought would only get better if I got on with them and the revision.

It was a great discovery I made. I thought that surely others would find it as useful as I. Just going out and being surrounded by greenery. Without over thinking it though, this is obvious. It’s like some sort of ‘nature programming’ in everyone’s mind. Forever humans have been surrounded by, worked with and took from nature. It leaves me very confused that this isn’t understood and that nowadays people think they know better with new techniques, gadgets etc when this is what’s in our blood and has always been.

Anyway, my technique of taking breaks and going onto my patch helped a hell of a lot. It completely destressed me and by the look of my results worked wonders! I’m not saying that my results are all down to this but the only two techniques I used were actually getting on with the revision and getting out. None of this take a break to make a drink or go and watch telly for five minutes.

If you’d like to read the blog I did ‘Green revision’ whilst I was in the midst of my exams click here.



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