Celebrate badgers with National Badger Day!

As you’ll know today is of course National Badger Day!

Many people are shouting out about it, whether that be on social media (#NationalBadgerDay – which has been trending all morning!) or in person, there’s events taking place all around the country, the NBD film is being shown to children and much more! It’s a really wonderful day and one we should all use to celebrate this iconic and charismatic species. All of us should be doing our part to protect these animals as they really do need our help.

It’s hard not to think about the horrible ongoings of the cull right now. With patrols still tirelessly venturing out night after night in the cull zones, it’s important to support the work they do in saving these animals lives.  As well as this, unfortunately they are the target of a lot of persecution and unlike the cull it happens all over the UK. Whether it be badger baiting or disturbance, it’s so important that we’re keeping a watchful eye out for these animals.

So, whatever you do today make sure it includes something positive for badgers, they deserve it! Whether it be at an event or telling other people all about them.

You can see the full film here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drcBAct42TQ&feature=youtu.be

I’m very pleased to be part of the video and I’ll also be wearing my National Badger Day badge whilst at sixth form today along with talking to some of the younger years about it later this week!





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