Stampede for Rhinos and Elephants

A couple of years back when I first became aware of how the countryside isn’t all this glorious place I was so frightened to see the behaviour and activity that takes place. Obviously not for my own sake but for the sake of wildlife and their habitats. I remember looking into it and thinking surely that doesn’t still take place?! Most, if not all, hold no place in society today yet still do and are done so with pleasure, fun and the intention of greed. Context I’d expect to hear in one of history lessons.

I sometimes hear disputes amongst people about how British wildlife needs us here so we should put everything into that. That’s a good point but when you lean more about how similar the situations elsewhere in the world are it’s terrifying and makes you realise it’s not just the UK that’s somewhat stuck in the dark ages but many other places too. For example, it’s an odd comparison but compare the Hen Harrier to an African elephant. One main reason why Hen Harriers are persecuted is for greed, much like the killing of elephants, this is done to protect grouse which they then make money from (and for fun). Much like they do with the tusks of elephants. My point is, putting the pounds in their pocket in front of the life of an animal. That’s only a slight and brief comparison but another aspect which seems to have a big connection is the some sort of pleasure they get. From trophy hunting to badger baiting.

There are obviously a lot more influences too, for example who’s in power, community, culture etc. Thinking about it all of the top of my head I can think of quite a lot of examples of the persecution of wildlife around the world. All in different circumstances and locations yet all for similar reasons. Fortunately though, just like there’s people in the UK you may know who’s work is just fantastic, these people obviously do exist elsewhere too and it’s still important to try and support their work.

Although trying to spread yourself out everywhere would be brilliant, it isn’t possible. Something that hits me quite a lot. However I wanted to show my support and join those who had organised a march in London last Saturday for rhinos and elephants, against the ivory trade.

It was an early train into London and a 10.45 start at Cavendish Square for the day ahead. The march passed through different places including Leicester Square and past the South African Embassy before finishing outside the gates of Downing Street where a host of talks were given from the likes of Dominic Dyer, Born Free Foundation and of course Badger Trust, Nicky Campbell, presenter as well as animal lover, Philip Manbridge, Director of IFAW UK, and a few more too.

Here are some photos from the day.

ele ele2 IMG_9411 IMG_9412 IMG_9414IMG_9489 IMG_9502 IMG_9524 IMG_9587 IMG_9637 IMG_9671 IMG_9673 IMG_9692 IMG_9694 march NC ypsigns



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