A day to remember

Yesterday was a remarkable day. For me, on a personal level, there in London, it was just mind blowing. I joined around 50,000 others in the streets of London as we marched through giving out a strong message of how we not only care about the future of this planet but want it to be a safe and sustainable place for everything which lives on it. Now, along with in many, many years to come. All through my body, I felt hope. The smile on my face was beaming as I was surrounded by so many passionate people who are fighting for what they believe in. That’s the thing with climate change, everyone has different stories and reasons why they’re so provoked to take action. Whether it be for those in the poorest parts of the world who’s homes could be washed away permanently with a 2-3 degree rise in temperature or for our wild friends and to protect their habitats. At the end of the day though, this is what brings us all together and shows we’re all the same.

One of the reasons why I did feel so hopeful was due to the amount of people there, no one can ignore that! At the end of the day it was announced as the biggest climate march that’s ever taken place in the UK! But what about elsewhere? Well, in other parts of the UK there were events taking place in York, Wales, Southampton, Manchester…everywhere! Then further afield, they were taking place all around the world. Sydney, Manila, South Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Yemen, Greece, Austria, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Ukraine and the list goes on. Paris was also another city where protests were taking place but after the recent attacks, they were told that people marching and gathering was not allowed. Instead, the people here did something even more powerful. They left a pair of shoes to symbolise those that would of stood their. The sight of this must be so overpowering. Each and every pair representing someone. It made me think more to the core of why everyone may of attended a march. All with their own story and the path they’ve taken, perhaps the sadness they’ve come to contact with or what they’ve witnessed and has therefore made them come to terms and fight.

But was the message clearly shown? Well, if none of these marches or people happened or gathered around the world over the weekend then it wouldn’t of been shown how important this is. Letting leaders know that the whole world is watching. Regarding COP21, we have some hope. The fact it’s happening and the aim of the outcomes already are to put a cap on rising temperatures and the use of none-renewable energy. But, how far will this go though? Will it be enough to tackle the rising temperatures? Is it just going to be for the next 30-40 years or will it be established that the impacts of climate change and aims for a healthier planet need to be taken beyond that and into many, many years to come. Above everything, we need change.

Being part of the march in London yesterday was beyond imaginable, it was simply so inspiring and powerful, the sheer number and drive from all those people. There has been quite a build up too. For me, I’ve been doing lots of writing for numerous blogs, this blog and some more as well as attending local events. I believe local scales are very important as it’s about approaching ordinary people and encouraging them to get involved and do their part. Whether that just be things around their house, spreading the message to friends or perhaps they go on and write just a simple letter to their MP. It’s all important and adds up to the bigger picture and this massive wave we want to send to those who have the power to make a change. Some of my friends or people I might talk to believe that the rising temperatures are no big deal to them, yet they pose bigger threat, if big change doesn’t happen, then many of the issues which they believe do.

In fact, this wraps up with something that makes me mad about the attitude of many. The fact that it isn’t acted upon in ways that similar issues or maybe ones that are arguably not as important. Why are they issues that are classed as something not as vital as others? Not only by politicians and leaders but by ordinary people too, is it because we’re so disconnected? Aren’t looking to the future? Or perhaps because they’re classed as long term issues that are fast becoming short term issues? But when that time comes it will become too late. There are so many different elements to it, another may be profit and money which boils down to the fact that some would rather kill off natural environments to get some pounds in their pocket.

The whole world has it’s eyes on Paris from today until the 11th December. Young , old and from all around the world. Climate change is a global issue that we all must unite together to tackle. There are a number of topics that I’d like to write about on this post about yesterday, COP21, some of my views and so on. Also there’s so much that’s going to be happening over the next 11 days so to add my support and my eyes on Paris, I’ve decided that I’m going to write a series of blogs through the 11 days. Perhaps not everyday but covering a range of topics as the climate talks in Paris are very important and I’d like to highlight that with my blog.




And of course, those hen harriers! (Richard Ebbs)






10 thoughts on “A day to remember

  1. Very good blog and description of an obviously moving experience. You are obviously a very clever girl. Whilst it would be nice to see a blog every day. My sincere advice to you is to put all your energies into your mock exams. So much hinges on how you do now. The sad thing is the plain evidence of global warming has been clear for many many years to anyone who has seen the flags poking out of now submerged islands in the Pacific and rapidly receding glaciers in both hemisphere, etc. The signs are good at the Conference now and I hope the end results will be really constructive.

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  2. Hi Anne, thank you for your comment.

    I agree and lets hope it is a positive outcome. The sheer fact it’s taking place and many there want change is a start but how far will this go.

    Also, I’ve changed my ‘blog a day’ goal to a series of blogs for over the eleven days as it’s going to prove quite difficult for me else!


    1. Hi Georgia, I will look forward to your blogs whenever you make them and whatever subject you cover. I agree it was exciting to see so many involved in the gatherings and hope, as you do, that there is a positive outcome and not just a lot of empty promises which never come to fruition. Good luck for your mock exams.

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  3. A lovely blog, Georgia, and great to meet you again. Thank you. It was very reassuring to see so many young people like yourself and it gives us all hope for the future.


  4. Well done to you and all those who attended, I was hoping to come along with my family (mainly to show my daughter and son that there are other people who care) but the little one was too worried about the crowds this time. Although having seen the photos she said she really wants us to go to the next march like this, as it seemed not only to be important but fun (kids!)

    On your point about why people don’t seem to care, sadly people still feel a disconnect with the environment and therefore don’t understand the issues, or are far too easily “brainwashed” (for want of a better word) that helping protect it may stop them from being able to live the life they lead, it is such a shame. I’ve always wanted to ask the leaders of the world who do nothing “why they have such a dislike of their kids/grand-kids etc.” as clearly they must if their own now is more important then the future.

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    1. You’re right! It’s great fun, so inspiring and exciting!

      That is a great point and very interesting. It would be very interesting to see what they have to say. Profit always seems to come before the environment for many situations nowadays but the scary thing about that is many who are making them decision don’t know the negative impacts they are having. It’s not just a ‘type’ either, it’s almost everyone. As you say, they worry it may stop them from being able to live their life the way they want to.


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