Some of the sounds of my local patch

Whilst out on my local patch yesterday morning I decided to take my new audio recorder with me, which I got for this exact reason. When walking around with my headphones plugged in I could hear the birds and other noises around me much louder and clearer. As I pressed the record button and tried to keep still to avoid interruptions as much as possible I really listened to all the calls I could hear. It was incredibly interesting. Although most were the usual robin, blue tit, blackbird etc it was just fascinating to really pay attention to how their call is projected as well as some other calls in the distance which I may not of heard if I were just walking through and not taking as much notice.

As I said, even though the calls weren’t anything too special, now I’ve got a bit of a bug for it, I hope to go out with this new bit of kit more often to see what else I can record. There’s no doubt that as Spring approaches I will get more opportunities to record the birds on my patch as they become more vocal, and as I get more used to using the recorder!

Even though I didn’t exactly get the dawn chorus when walking about, when I was editing I decided to sync all the clips I got together which has come out a lot better then I thought it would. In fact, it sounds amazing!



3 thoughts on “Some of the sounds of my local patch

  1. I often find a nice spot on The Avenue and close my eyes and just enjoy the sounds and calls. Lovely blog Georgia, you will be amazed how much more you enjoy your walks. Same bird calls sound different as you travel around the country too, very subtle but you can hear them.


  2. This is excellent. Lovely Christmas present you will get so much joy from. Happy New Year – fingers crossed the reality of climate change coming into everyone’s consciousness.


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