As you may know over the last few days a lot of snow has fallen in Lichfield. Even though it is very pretty, it is even more vital that you feed your garden birds as it is harder for them to find food. A small Blue Tit would have to eat nearly all it’s body weight to last the night and during a cold winters night a bird can use up to 10% of it’s body weight. Here are some photos I took in the snow, I hope you enjoy this post.

Big Garden Birdwatch 2013.

Why not have a go at The Big Garden Birdwatch this year? It is taking part on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 January 2013. To take part you spend one hour at any time over the weekend noting down the highest number of each bird species you see at one time in your Garden or in a local park. You then have three weeks to submit your results to the RSPB either online at or by post.
Last year almost 600,000 people took part across the UK and between them they counted more then 9 million birds!

Here is a picture of a Great Tit feeding on a Garden Bird feeder
at the Staffordshire wildlife trust head quarters, Wolseley Bridges.

Hopwas woods.

On Monday I went on a walk to a local woods, Hopwas woods and I took my camera again. I was particularly looking for some more fungi but I also spotted some more interesting things. One of which was some strange boxes hanging from the trees. At first I had no idea but I put a picture on my twitter and people quickly identified them as boxes to record dormice! I got very excited as dormice are very cute but timid and difficult to see. I hope you enjoy this post.

Jew’s ear fungus.

Birch Woodwart

Daldinia Concentrica.

These were the boxes to record any dormice. They walk into the box and there foot prints
will mark the clay inside.
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This is a photo of a dormouse about to be weighed. As you can see
they are very cute and it would be very exciting if there was dormice
This photo was taken by Jessica Evans.

Friendly squirrels at Tamworth park.

When I visited one of my local parks I found that the squirrels were friendly and hand tame. Here are some pictures that I took. I hope you enjoy this post.

 Myself hand feeding one of the friendly squirrels.
 The river was very high and fast flowing due to lots of rain recently.
A close up of one of the squirrels.