Camera shy fox.

A few weeks back I was contacted by a lady who is part of a trust which preserves and protects an area of land not far from where I live. She explained how there was defiantly foxes on the green and maybe even other species like badger. Therefore I suggested I set one of my cameras up to see what was about.

The area which I set my camera up at isn’t far from where I live and one of my local patches. I’ve visited this land for as long as I can remember and it really is a great attraction for wildlife, and dog walkers. Last week was the first time we set the camera up and unfortunately we didn’t film anything but we didn’t quit that easy. I set my camera up again last night and to our delight we managed to film a fox.

I noticed that the fox was quite camera shy. I’ve never noticed this before with other animals that I’ve filmed.

Here’s some of the footage we managed to get.

Full Colour Foxes!

Over the past few weeks I have been setting my trail camera around my school to record fox cubs. The first time, I recorded three foxes and some unusual behaviour, then I recorded a suspected four cubs all together. After this I then caught the camera being controlled by one of the fox cubs. This time I’ve managed to record a fox in colour as he visited early in the morning which I was very pleased about.

Here’s some of the best footage I got from this time round!


Fox cub filmmakers!

Last night I set my trail camera up on my school field again to record some fox cubs. Like the other night I got some super footage and managed to record some great behavior. Last time I filmed three cubs altogether but last night I recorded four. They were a lot more confident this time too and even had a go at controlling the trail camera themselves!

Here’s some of the best footage!

New students.

Last week, at school, I was approached by one of the science teachers who told me that they’d put up a trail camera in the schools Eco area. They decided to do this as they’d noticed over the past few weeks there were quite a few dead things about, one of which was a mole. Today I asked one of the science teachers if I could have a look at the footage they had captured from the two nights they’d set it up. When I saw the footage I was delighted to see that they’d recorded some fox cubs! Here is some of the footage which the science technician had recorded on her trail camera.