New garden resident.

This morning my excuse for being late to school was much different to most. This was because I had a grey squirrel visiting my garden for the very first time! Grey squirrels aren’t a rare species but I was very excited when I saw that I had attracted a new mammal species  into my garden. I managed to get a few photos in between getting ready but I hope to get lots more in the future. Here’s one of the photos that I took of the acrobatic squirrel.



On Friday night I decided to set my trail camera up in my Nan’s garden. A few weeks back she noticed a hole had been dug underneath her fence and we weren’t that sure what had done it so I decided to set my trail camera up in her garden to find out. When I collected my camera yesterday morning and looked at my footage I was surprised to see that I had recorded a rat! This was the first time that I had properly recorded rats on my trail camera. We think I may have recorded more then one but we’re not sure. Unfortunately I hadn’t set the settings on my trail camera right so I only have some screen shots. Here they are.

rat rat3 rat2 rat5 rat4

pigeonAnother visitor that I had before collecting my trail camera in the morning.

Spring spikes.

On Monday night I set my trail camera up in my garden for one of the first times since last Autumn when the hedgehogs went into hibernation. When I had set it up a few times over the past few weeks I had no luck and the hogs were obviously still in hibernation but last night I managed to record the first one for Spring 2o14. Over the next few weeks I hope to get the old Autumn visitors coming back so I can record them on my trail camera. Here are two of the videos which I recorded, In one of the videos the hedgehog is doing some very unusual behavior and in the other he is eating a mixture of the dried dog food and meal worms which I left out. On Tuesday morning before I collected my camera I also had a magpie visiting which I captured on camera.