Bugs flood to new hotel!

Today I created a new feature for my garden, a bug hotel. The bug hotel which I built, with the help of my younger brother, consists of four floors. On the top of the new garden feature I have a small log pile then on every story there are different materials which were naturally sourced from either my garden or my local woods. It was extremely fun and easy to construct, even though it was chucking it down with rain and we both got totally soaked! The different materials which I used in my bug hotel were bamboo sticks, bricks, planks of wood, broken plant pots, stones and rocks, hay, bark, twigs, logs, moss, tree cuttings, pine cones and mud!

To start off we stacked planks of wood and bricks up together then on the top I piled some logs up. Then with all the different materials that I had, I gradually filled every level bit by bit. In my new bug hotel I hope to attract a great variety of different creepy crawly’s and perhaps some small rodents.

Here are some photographs.


New garden resident.

This morning my excuse for being late to school was much different to most. This was because I had a grey squirrel visiting my garden for the very first time! Grey squirrels aren’t a rare species but I was very excited when I saw that I had attracted a new mammal species  into my garden. I managed to get a few photos in between getting ready but I hope to get lots more in the future. Here’s one of the photos that I took of the acrobatic squirrel.


Book review – The Birds at the Bottom of the Garden by Carl Mynott.

This is the first review that I’ve ever done, and what a lovely book to start with. The book is called ‘The Birds at the Bottom of the Garden’ and it is mainly targeted at pre-school children although I love the book myself and I’m 15.

It goes through ten common garden birds which you could find in your garden. Also at the end of the book it has a short bird spotting guide to encourage young people to venture out and look for birds in their own gardens.

The book is written in rhyming verses and includes lots of lovely illustrations which make it even more special!

To buy this book, by Carl Mynott, you can follow this link – http://britishwildlifetales.blogspot.co.uk/p/the-birds-at-bottom-of-garden-order-page.html

Here is a photo of the book:



On Friday night I decided to set my trail camera up in my Nan’s garden. A few weeks back she noticed a hole had been dug underneath her fence and we weren’t that sure what had done it so I decided to set my trail camera up in her garden to find out. When I collected my camera yesterday morning and looked at my footage I was surprised to see that I had recorded a rat! This was the first time that I had properly recorded rats on my trail camera. We think I may have recorded more then one but we’re not sure. Unfortunately I hadn’t set the settings on my trail camera right so I only have some screen shots. Here they are.

rat rat3 rat2 rat5 rat4

pigeonAnother visitor that I had before collecting my trail camera in the morning.