Spiky visitor.

Over the past few weeks I have had the chance to have my trail camera set up in my garden most nights. At first I had a hedgehog visiting every few days but over the past week he has been coming every night. Unfortunately though he hasn’t been around to the last two nights but hopefully he will visit again some time in the next week. I’ve been able to get some footage of the hedgehog on my trail camera, at the moment there is only one visiting but in the past I’ve had up to three.

I attract hedgehogs to my garden with dog food and meal worms which seem to be there favorite. I’m looking forward to filming he or she again over the next few weeks again, here’s some of my most recent best footage.



Spring spikes.

On Monday night I set my trail camera up in my garden for one of the first times since last Autumn when the hedgehogs went into hibernation. When I had set it up a few times over the past few weeks I had no luck and the hogs were obviously still in hibernation but last night I managed to record the first one for Spring 2o14. Over the next few weeks I hope to get the old Autumn visitors coming back so I can record them on my trail camera. Here are two of the videos which I recorded, In one of the videos the hedgehog is doing some very unusual behavior and in the other he is eating a mixture of the dried dog food and meal worms which I left out. On Tuesday morning before I collected my camera I also had a magpie visiting which I captured on camera.