Urban murmuration

On my way home last night, after a family day out, I spotted a small starling murmuration just round the corner from where I live. As soon as I got back I ran upstairs, with my camera of course, and looked out the window in hope of spotting the murmuration. To my delight I could still see it and I had the opportunity to film it with my camera. As it was just getting dark and I was a bit shaky as I was so excited I didn’t get the best film but you can see the film I got below. I’m hoping to go along and stand closer to where the murmuration is another night and hopefully get some better film.

It was so interesting and fascinating to watch. They all seemed to know what they were doing and their timing was perfect. An even bigger bonus was being able to watch it from the comfort of my own home, which shows that wildlife is everywhere! So I’m sure there is one not too far from where you live, and it’s worth going out and keeping your eye out for one in the evening as it is really intriguing to watch.

Here’s the video I got.