City gathering.

For the last few years, during the winter months, I have observed and watched a pied wagtail roost in my city centre. This year though I decided that I wanted to film them as they’re so fascinating and lovely to watch. So I headed down to Lichfield city centre at about 3:00. First of all I got a few shots around the shopping precinct then I got ready for the pied wagtails to start turning up.

At 3:56 the first few arrived and were calling from the shop roof tops. This continued for the next 20 minutes until there were big flocks sitting on the roof tops. This was great to watch and the sound was amazing but it got better, as suddenly all the birds fled and were nowhere to be seen then a sparrowhawk flew above my head. Unfortunately I was too slow to film it. It was great how everyone was getting on with their shopping and just above them one of natures dramas was unfolding.

Once everything had calmed down the birds returned and started collecting in one of the trees. This was at about 4.30 when it was almost dark. The noise got louder and louder and more birds started turning up. As I looked closely at what every bird was doing it was very interesting. Some were preening, some were fighting for a place and others were just arriving. As the noise got louder more people started to notice and look up.

By about 5:00 everything had calmed down. Here’s the video I got.


Day three in the Lake District.

After an exciting second day tracking down some red squirrels. Today we decided to go to some more urban areas. This took us to a town called Barrow-in-Furness. We didn’t see much wildlife as we were looking around the shops but I did see a lot of gulls. Some of which were nesting in some unusual places, one example was a pair that had a nest in a statue on a round about!

On the way back to the place we stopped at, we stopped at a small town called Ulverston. One thing I noticed about being in the Lake District is that wherever you look, even beyond the town centers, you can see wonderful hills and countryside in the background. Here are some photos that I took today on day three.

IMGP4446 IMGP4443