School Summer Term fox review.

Today I broke up from school for my summer break. The last summer term has been very exciting due to some fox cubs that I have been filming on my school field but unfortunately I won’t be able to film them again now until I go back to school in September. However I have managed to get lots of footage over the past few weeks.

This week I also started putting together my fox board in the science corridor. It took a lot of planning and has been taking me quite a while to set up too so I haven’t quite finished it yet but I’m planning to finish it when I go back in September.

Another thing which I have been getting on with over the past summer term is a Art GCSE project. The topic was ‘arrangements’ and so far we have analysed an artist, taken photos and done some recording with watercolour, pencil and colour pencil. You could base your work on whatever theme you wanted, just as long as it was arranged in a certain way and similar to an artist that we looked at. I based all my recordings on things that I’d take out with me on one of my wildlife or walking adventures. This was good as I was able to be focusing on something that I enjoy best.

Here’s a photo of my fox board so far, some of my best fox footage from over the past few weeks and some of my art work.

unnamed (3)My fox board so far.

unnamed (2)unnamedunnamed (1)


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