Saturday night foxes.

For the last few weeks I’ve been filming some foxes with my trail camera not far from where I live. I’ve visited the area for as long as I can remember and it is undoubtedly one of the places that started of my passion for the natural world.

When we first set the camera up we didn’t get anything but we didn’t give up there and the next time we set the camera up we filmed a fox then the time after that we filmed two different foxes. They seemed to be in perfect condition and I’m looking forward to see what footage we can get in the Spring. Here’s the footage from last weekend.



3 thoughts on “Saturday night foxes.

  1. Nice footage as usual Georgia. I’ve just ordered my first trailcam, any advice on how to keep them secure and hidden when using them in the field?


    1. Thanks Stewart. If I’m setting a camera up on public land and want to make sure it doesn’t get stolen I do a few different things. As I normally set my cameras up over night to film nocturnal animals I set the camera up in the evening. To make sure there’s no one about I’ll go and put it up just as it’s getting dark then collect it early the next morning. This gives no one the chance to see and steal it. Another thing I do is just make sure it’s well hidden. Maybe worth getting some camouflage netting to make sure it’s well hidden. I also have a sticker on the back of my camera just explaining why it’s there and who it belongs too, and if I do film any one on the camera I will delete the footage.
      So far I’ve never had a camera stolen but it’s just a case of being aware of the area.
      I hope I’ve helped and I hope you get some great footage with your new camera!


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